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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

glasscarpenter - ForestOverdoze


Glasscarpenter drops a 4 track EP of extreme range within its less than 15 minute run time. The first song, "IntoChaos", starts things off in your face with distorted amens and pitched snares to tickle any breakcore fans libido. Starting from track 2, "MapleJoints", things become less straight forward. Rhythmic glitches woven between stranded cut up amens and ghostly synth leads howling. The first three tracks are relatively short, none going over the 3 minute mark. The final track however is over 7 minutes long, providing the majority of the albums run time. "EnviormentallyRetarded" is very much like a lonely yet heart warming walk through a mid day forest, on your way to a rave camp out. I was pleasantly surprised while listening, having never heard any other offerings from this artist, and being fairly musically jaded that is not an easy task. I have a feeling this release will please many a listener, from mid-90s IDM fans to the must stuck up glitch connoisseur.



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