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Monday, January 24, 2011

[LTR222] hhhhh - Chewing Eight Spiders Can't Be The Most Enjoyable Way To Get To Sleep


noise EP by the one and only Hhhhh (pronounced like the sound of some one exhaling, or breathing heavily). Alex (hhhhh) is a young man(18) from Washington. he runs the label Crumbling Peak Records, a fantastic noise label. This EP is a pretty good example of his style. He's not your average noiser that you see these days. Some people still use things other than computers to make their sound collages and he's one of them. Harsh tones and pitches liter softer soundscapes to create a disorienting journey through the lost land that is his head. The title really is an accurate description of how the album sounds. That is, if you don't like eating spiders...


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