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Friday, April 16, 2010

DEEYAY! - Guts & Gold

Live set by DEEYAY on 2 drum machines (?). Very cool weird stuff. Kind of videogame-esque in a way that is hard to pin down. Thanks to Strangelette for showing me this.



ROBO! Robotica Net Releases Presents: “SPRING CLEANING MUSIC VOLUME ONE”

Catalog Number: RR.30

"This is the first installment of what will become a annual compilation and let me say volume one is totally banging. Spring Cleaning Music started as just a thought and quickly became reality. This thing really got moving really fast and the lineup just kept getting better. We kept pushing back the release date to give some extra time to have tracks finished and whatnot. Plus when ever does a deadline actually get met at the right time? I want to thank Taylor and Katie for helping out with the cover and RR logo, they went out of their way to help me out and all for free, much love to you both. I also want to thank each and every person who is taking part on this compilation. Thanks for jumping on board and sending me tracks that just demand to be listened to over and over. This compilation has taken alot of sleep away from me and im sure it will keep me up even after its uploaded. This album has totally exceeded my expectations and it makes the future of ROBO! Robotica look really good. This is the official re-launch of the label even though I have been posting albums as of late. This is the Re-Grand Opening I guess you can say. In the past few months we have had way over a thousand downloads on the site and that is really good seeing as the main promotion was done mostly on twitter. So with this I leave you a hour and 30 minutes worth of ear pleasing tracks that will get your blood flowing once again. And one more BIG thank you to all of you for downloading this album and everything else on out catalog. Please continue visiting our site and fill up your hard drives with all the great music we have for download. And remember it is all for FREE! -RR!"
- Phil from A Beautiful Lotus

Artwork By:

Taylor Shechet –

Katie Broad –


Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventure Kid - Music Killed Me

Sweet track from badass chiptune-ish artist. Check out his site.
(its just one track so "right click save as")

VII Gates - Fire, Walk with me

"If this band holds it together and is fortunate enough to make it bigover time, Fire, Walk With Me will eventually be hailed as a classic Metal album that will be held up by many as one of the better efforts the genre has ever produced. My advice to you is to get on the bandwagon now and be one of the first to make this realization before someone tells you you should have 10 years from now!" (

For fans of power metal, like Rhapsody of Fire or Blind Guardian.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CHASTISEMENT - Alleviation of Pain

This album is brootal and awesome and free. Enjoy.

She - Chiptek

SHE is a virtual band formed in 2003 by the artist Lain Trzaska, sometimes credited as shemusic or Pjat Lain. As its main producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Lain is the only official member of she but occasionally brings in vocalists to perform.

More free music available on the official SHE website.

Read about SHE on wikipedia.


Once again, She's come to the chiptune electronic dance music scene with another great CD of unique music. This one has a couple completely brilliant dance tracks, as well as a few more relaxed, but still high energy, tunes. New from her previous work on this album is more use of audio chopping as well as hip-hop style time control effects.

Definitely a great disc to spin for bubblegum cyberpunk anime/tokyo/OCRemix fans.

Big note: Be sure to listen to this either with headphones (with great bass response) or speakers with good stereo separation. On this CD, She uses a lot of AWESOME stereo effects and the songs need a good listening environment to fully appreciate the work.


Monday, April 5, 2010


"Over the course of the last 3 years, Crush On Hardcore has been receiving massive amounts of praise and support from the hardcore community all over the planet. COH has given DJs a platform to properly showcase not just their own work, but also a wide range of sounds from both established and up-and-coming artists, consistently raising the bar and ultimately combining two seemingly distant worlds of professional and free of charge into one fascinating series.

The Album That Was Called V is more creative then the name would suggest. It balances musical art and a fresh approach to the concept of a hardcore album. TATWCV is filled with a pleasant variety of music styles, masterfully mixed by Cube::Hard, Shanty, Jnks + Swoosh & DJ RX + Carbon Based. Download the album here - the package consists of 3 full-CD high-quality mixes, cue files for easy splitting or burning and high quality printable PDF artwork. Totally and completely free.!

CD1 mixed by Cube::Hard
01. Ponder - Shutdown
02. Hattrixx Mertype - The Robot (Cube::Hard Remix)
03. Click - Not Invented Here
04. 75 Numbers - Let The Feeling Grow (Paul Bassrock & CLSM Remix)
05. CLSM - Takes Me Higher (Click Remix)
06. Wizbit - Tales From The Flipside Revisited
07. Alex Sash - Stimulate
08. Deeper Territory - The Answer
09. Entity - When We Find Akanoyo (CLSM & Entity Remix)
10. Supernova - Cheesy DJs (Cube::Hard Remix)
11. StrifeII - Soul On Fire
12. Karl Future & Simon Perry - Free
13. Entity, CLSM & Niki Mak - You Are Mine (Hugo D Remix)
14. False Economy - Certain Love
15. Entity - Plan B
16. CLSM & Entity - Rudloe Cold War City (Breaks Remix)
17. Ponder - Monolith
18. Stargazer - Released 2010

CD2 mixed by Shanty
01. Audio X - Incommensurate
02. Click - Alpha Dog
03. AC Slater - New Rave
04. Amalgamation Station & Ephexis - With Full Spiral
05. Dodgee - Phukkt
06. Kevin Energy vs A.B. - ****ing Rocking It
07. Firefly - Centrifuge (Shanty & Invader Remix)
08. Joey Riot & Kevin Energy - The Number Of The Beast
09. Helikaon & Ephexis - Iliad
10. Full Circle DJs - Things Past (Shanty vs Epyx & Cyrez Remix)
11. Oli G & Shanty - Reign Of Terror
12. Eryk Orpheus - Really Nasty
13. Lee UHF - Kickdrum Trip (Shanty Remix)
14. Nightforce - The Second Redemption 09
15. Freestyle - Party Crashin' (Shanty Remix)
16. Invader & Shanty - Danse Macabre
17. Helikaon, Erik de Grijze & Ephexis - Exploder
18. Robbie Long & Devastate - 50,000 Watts (Shanty Remix)
19. 3star - Forgotten Trip
20. Karl Future vs Indigo & Pearl Blue - A Living Evil
21. Penguin Conspiracy - The Lazarus Phenomenon
22. 3star & Invader - Get This Place (Shanty Remix)
23. Penguin Conspiracy - Mechanical Fables
24. Hyperterminal - Stranger In Paradise (Lost Soul feat. Chwhynny Remix)
25. Darwin - Peak 1.1
26. Penguin Conspiracy - Escape

CD3 mixed by Jnks + Swoosh & DJ RX + Carbon Based
01. Sam One & Substanced - Memoria
02. Cube::Hard - Hold The Beat (Rob O.T.T Bootleg)
03. Carbon Based & Swoosh - Future vs Past
04. Anon - Screwball
05. Altitude - Altitude (Substanced Bootleg)
06. Substanced - Aquarius
07. Devastate - Mood Music (Oli G Remix)
08. Nomic - Aurinkoon
09. Alek Szhala - Sunray
10. Firefarm - Volatile (DJ RX, Big Mistake & Drumhead Remix)
11. Carbon Based, DJ RX & Proteus - Fleshfest (TATWCV Exclusive Mix)
12. Alek Szhala - Voices of Babylon
13. Kevin Energy & DJ RX - Translate Replicate
14. Substanced - Freeform Mercury
15. Oli G - Jasmine (Helikaon vs Ephexis Camelrape Remix)
16. Carbon Based & DJ RX - Titor Quantum Theory
17. DJ RX feat. Jolea - My Serenity (Synthwulf Remix)"

Perpetual Fire - Invisible

BADASS self-published fantasy metal band. Check out this post from the band (so gangzta):

"Hello everybody! We're back with a present for you!

Our second album is out and you can download it freely from this site!

We feel that this is the best way for "Invisible" to see the light.

It's sad but in this particular moment for music industry there's no place for Perpetual Fire, but who cares?

We play music for passion and if only one of you will feel joy listening to our music we'll be happy too!

Thanks for reading and listening, enjoy life!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

frijgard - morgenrot (2009 demo)

Format: Demo
Year: 2009
Label: Self-released
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Official Website:

Kind forest-y nature-y black metal. Good stuff! Very pretty actually.



Gabbery bedroom producer happy hardcore track from internet archive. I like eet.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

LightUmbreon - HappyDragonParty

Happyhardcore-ish remix of Spyro theme from the videogame "Spyro the Dragon" by LightUmbreon. That game was actually pretty damned awesome for a kids game. To be honest, I beat it.


Catharsis - Иной 2010

Format: EP
Year: 2010
Label: JC Sound Productions
Country: Russia
Genre: Neoclassical Power Metal
Official Website:

01. Иной
02. Детям вольного ветра
03. Волки
04. Крылья (Crematory Vision)

Pretty epic and awesome sounding. I can't tell what they are saying because its in russian. They remind me a little bit of System of a Down. This EP was released as free download by their label. Its gewd.