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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sole - Nuclear Winter Volume 2 DEATHPANEL


my favorite MC, Sole, graces all us net junkies with a free release for download. i've always loved soul for his thoughtful, heartfelt, socially conscious lyrics. this release contains contributions from Busdriver, B. Dolan, Mac Lethal, Ceschi Ramos, Kool A.D. from Das Racist, Cadalack Ron, LuckyIAM, Time, Pictureplane, K-The-I??? and Bleubird. the Circle Into Square website says "This is folk rap in the truest sense", i dont know anything about "folk rap", to me this is Hip Hop at its finest. i've been fanatically listening to Sole since 2003, and i haven't gotten tired of a single song. it's always a treat when a quality artist like this drops something for free. you can't miss out. you'll regret it.


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  1. love the cover art, gonna check this out.