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Friday, July 22, 2011

CHEEZFACE - Drugs Of Innocence

Soak in the intense jagged stylings of CHEEZFACE, a producer mentalist from my own home state whose creations will hacksaw the top of your skull and turn your brains into fried spaghetti. He recently did a remix of my track "Functional Vanity" which will be found amongst the remixes on my next record.

Drugs Of Innocence, released on his own Oh Shiv! imprint, serves as the perfect crash course to the twisted psycho-genres explored by this model citizen of facemelt. His track naming is hard to beat, with such titles as "Gary Glitter Loves The Kids" and "Let Them Eat Urinal Cake", both of which are found on his newest release Circumstantial Pestilence, and the absolute best song title on this free release has to be "Larry In The Sewer With Diarrhea".

Johan Ess


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