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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amarok - Self Titled

Hi. I'm new here. I'm gonna start slooow and heeeaaavy. Like good sex.

Amarok is a 4 piece outfit from the Westcoast of the United States. They want all your weed, all your whisky, and all your soul. Doom, stoner, death, and sludge metal varieties take center stage here and battle it out for the domineering role. Only to realize that, as it is ideally to be experienced in a live environment, the mention of almost entirely vintage Sunn O))) (the company, not the band) amps as the outlet for this beast should not go unnoticed and all aforementioned horn throwing worthy varieties of metal are welcome to fornicate with one another in an effort to get you off here.

Obviously, you should buy their vinyl. It's sexy. The artwork, alone, is worth the asking price. Hang that bitch up, and when you're not listening to the record (which should be, like, almost never) you can put it in that old Bananarama sleeve you're scared to admit you own the wax for. Win/win. But. Not everyone is going to do that. And, awesomely, Amarok knows this. So they give you the option to have it in 320 MP3 for free. If you don't go to their show(s), however, the bitch on their cover will sever your balls from your body in a downtuned redlined mess of growls, chords, snares, & crashes. And you'll miss one of the most awesome and slept on bands in this/these genre(s) operating today. For shame.

Amarok - Self Titled (download page)


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