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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bellow - "Bellow E.P."

Pretty much all year long I have been blown away by the amount of incredible music spewing forth from the womb that is my home town of Minneapolis, MN. Some of the stuff has been covered here on Magicore, other stuff has been covered over at Grindthieves, and even more I've just kind of kept to myself or shared with only a handful of people. Nevertheless, let me just reiterate how amazed I am at the quantity of quality music coming from the Twin Cities. Everything from hip hop to trap to drum'n'bass to dubstep to techno to noise to black metal to doom metal and beyond.

Bellow is a blackened funeral doom band hailing from Minneapolis, which I discovered not through my connections to or roots still in my home town but via the always incredible Terminal Escape blog. If you're not already a regular reader and fan of Terminal Escape, bookmark the shit and fix that problem. Anyhow, consisting of 6 members and formerly known as Toil, Bellow offer up a free 3 track EP of slow and brooding doom metal with a blackened kiss of fuzz and keyboards/piano throughout. Emotional - depressing at times, hopeful at others - the mood herein is heavy like dense fog while the musicianship is painfully slow and painstakingly meticulous. Bittersweet and melancholic dirges to conjure demons with or make babies to.

Bellow - "Bellow EP"


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