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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hand Of Taurus - "Hand Of Taurus"

Djent has really kind of gone the way of super/over produced music in a lot of cases, a general trend that I'm not terribly into for the most part. I still dig the purveyors and full bands that push the envelope with the sound, bands like Meshuggah or even After The Burial. Aside from the A.I.(d) stuff, the one man hyper produced djent band hasn't really done it for me. Hand Of Taurus kind of does it for me, though. At least enough so to bother posting it. Needless to say, if you're into super clean electronics infused metal music, you'll probably enjoy this.

From truly rockin' full on djent workouts to electronic back beat breakdowns, Hand Of Taurus does a pretty good job of crafting a story out of sound all on his own. The production is, super tight - bordering on overly so. However, there's a lot of great musicality to this album, the melody and atmosphere work is remarkable sound design and the electronic percussion work is a nice compliment. The metalic elements are pulled off nice and slick, though you can hear the electronic element throughout the entire release. It's kind of like if Dream Theatre were quite heavier and slightly groovier, while also being one individual with a computer instead of a full traditional band.

It's at least worth checking out if any of those things pique your interest, and absolutely worth doing so if that whole scene is your thing even in the slightest.

Hand Of Taurus - "Hand Of Taurus"


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