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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lapageria Rosea & Macáes - "Pureza Y Chaos"

A split release of black metal varieties from Argentina and Chile thanks to Macáes and Lapageria Rosea, respectively. A very post-rock and shoegaze vibe is employed throughout the entire release, more so on the Macáes offerings, and the hybrid works pretty well despite the Macáes efforts being the least well produced of the two.

The real stand out moments on this split are from Lapageria Rosea, who deliver the most expertly executed post black metal offerings I've heard in a month or two. The melody and guitar work are absolutely beautiful, the vocals are deep and gurgly, layered at times, and rest within the mix so comfortably that they almost become another instrument themselves - as should be the case for this type of outing. Nice electronic elements employed at just the right moments, the whole is super emotive for both but especially so for Lapageria Rosea.

Highly recommended for the last 3 tracks alone, but the 6 together are a nice experience to be certain.

Lapageria Rosea & Macáes - "Pureza Y Chaos"


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