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Saturday, February 14, 2015

DTRASH200 - Trash the World

DTRASH was one of the first net labels I encountered, over a decade ago. DTRASH was and still is an inspiration to myself as an artist. DTRASH Records helped instill in me a DIY attitude. Over the 200 releases DTRASH has carried the torch of Digital Hardcore for well over a decade. DTRASH200 contains just about every artist that has helped make DTRASH what it is and continues to be. Digital Hardcore legends such as Bomb 20, CPUWAR, Hansel, and Schizoid (the godhead of the DTRASH cult) all make appearances along with a long list of other talented artists. DO NOT PASS THIS UP. If you are not familiar with Digital Hardcore and its related genres this is a great place to get aquatinted. Now over here at Magicore we don't normally post about albums that are not free. but DTRASH has a catalogue of over 150 albums for free download from over the past ten years. Get ready to get fucking hardcore!




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