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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rudy Rucker - The Ware Tetralogy

Yeah. I know. It's a book, not music. So what??? I DO WHAT I WANT!

4 free e-books of mega-cool cyber punk goodness. Read the future now! For your own entertainment. For free too!


Summary of the Wares

Your Guide to the 21st Century!

It starts with Software, where rebel robots bring immortality to their human creator by eating his brain. Software won the first Philip K. Dick Award.

In Wetware, the robots decide to start building people —and people get strung out on an insane new drug called merge. This cyberpunk classic garnered a second Philip K. Dick award.

By Freeware, the robots have evolved into soft plastic slugs called moldies­—and some human “cheeseballs” want to have sex with them. The action redoubles when aliens begin arriving in the form of cosmic rays.

And with Realware, the humans and robots reach a higher plateau.

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  1. sounds fuckin awesome i need to get around to reading these.