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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spirex - Unreleased Demos

Spirex are some tripped out psychedelic and brootal stuff. I don't usually put stuff up that wasn't put out for free by the band but since these were never properly released and the band is broken up, I think it's okay.

Found at The Cosmic Hearse. They said this:

"Spirex were one of the greatest bands you've never heard of. They called Tallahassee, Florida home and in the mid-'90s they blew as many fucking minds as they did speaker cones. Just two terminally high dudes, Glen and John, with a ridiculous amount of cabinets, pedals, amps, and a wealth of spindly, futuristic riffs. John and Glen made much of the electronics they used from scatch, they were more like sonic mad scientists than any kind of rock band I'd ever seen. Spirex never properly released anything and never really played outside the southern states, which is why they aren't a huge cult phenomenon today. This is so fucking brilliant and ahead of its time I demand you check it out."


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