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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Izfernor Feb. 8 2011 Review Podcast

this is a podcast? done by noise artist Izfernor containing reviews of his most recent listens, downloads and buys. It contains reviews of two Tooth_Eye full lengths, Protocynicalopiatevomitz and Wave Rape Vol 3, as well as a review of the split between A Beautiful Lotus and Grim Kirby. If you follow our blog and want some ones opinion on some of Phil and mine's releases, you should definately give this a quick listen. the reviews of our albums are within the first 10 minutes so if you're only interested in us (LOL) you dont have to listen to the whole thing. Izfernor does cover alot of good releases in this cast, alot of stuff worth checking out. it is very informal though, like his sitting right next to you. JUST GIVE IT A LISTEN!



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