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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RR.62 - Straight Outta the's the Speedbass Recovery Compilation


hey everyone its me! tooth_eye! boy do i got something special for ya'll this snowy ass morning (for most the US that is). after 6 months of work and slacking the speedbass recovery compilation is finally here to let the world know SPEEDBASS' heart is still pulsing with throbbing jungle cowboy bass-i-ness. with artists like Burglecut, Porion, Batard Tronique, and Red Ruler, we've got a solid ass album full of shredding breaks and foundation crumblin' bass. this album isn't purely speedbass, but it was made with speedbass in mind at all times. be sure to give it a listen and see what its all about. released on Robo!Robotica out of the U.S. and NKS International out of France. this is the Robo! version. keep an eye out for the NKS version, it will include bonus tracks!


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