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Saturday, April 28, 2012

LZRKMMNDR - Equationwise

"The shock of this treacherous campaign brought Puss Titter to her feet and she shook her fists, which appeared like two opposing squadrons in midair battle. As anger vibrated through her soul, Puss Titter vowed that her revenge would be more immediate than any act of God, and soon the entire country would be a house of mourning with nothing but ruins and clouds of smoke arising from the burnt grass. She swore to reveal Dude Noway as just another self-indulgent shit, feeding on the being of his companions and vibrating off the fat of the land. Before long she would have the repulsive little daughter’s boy whining futile apologies to empty air, his self-deprecating pursuit of her retaliatory insults to be refused by grievous misfortunes scrupulously carried out. Yet even in the girth of such an accomplishment her final adieus would only tempt his submission nearer."
-sleep of the puss titter (entirely unrelated to this album.)

this album is good.



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