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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twin Cities Drum'N'Bass Volume Five

Big love goin' out to my home town and its sister city, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN! All the heads that are pushing a jungle/drum'n'bass sound for the dancefloor and wall systems get together every now and again for a compilation of original tunes mixed up by one of the DJs and the result is increasingly awesome with each volume.

A big variety of dancefloor aimed numbers from some deeper and soulful rollers to hardcore dub laced skankers to some sort of newschool jump up flavors with some dubwise drops through to some upfront in your face freakouts and beyond. Personal highlights are both of Virgo's offerings; "Hardest Drummer" featuring I-shack with some future reggae jungle'n'skank jazz and the shady private intvestigator vibes on "Better Killers", Fact's "Rhinoceros" with its nod to the sparse yet intelligent chop suey drum'n'bass from the latter 90s, and Idol's alien language cyber rain forest colony d'n'b on "The Void".

MBC assembles these monster tracks, wide range of styles and vibes they each bring, incredibly well and manages to lay down some seriously deep and creative mixing between them. Brace sounds at home among the tracks and mixing, never too loud and only complimenting the music and blends. Nice mastering and sick cover art to top it all off.

The fresh flavors from several of the area's heads who were around and managed to help shape my mind musically in my formative jungleraver years, as well as a helping of younger heads I know to varying degree carrying on their idea of that framework, plus even more cats I'm not too familiar with.

Free download, CD for $5.00, and Tshirt for $15 - get it!

Twin Cities Drum'n'bass Volume Five


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