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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Depravation - "I​:​PRAEDICTVM"

Hardcore music, the metal version of it, is a particular thing. A band is either incredible at crafting it, or an utter failure at merely attempting to. That's just how it is. Furthermore, it's rare for a new release to pack the kind of punch and be as far ahead of the curve as some artists, such as Converge, who laid the groundwork back in the day for what most only try to do today. But the German four man crew of kids calling themselves Depravation are one such act who manages to not only hold a candle to the hardcore gods, but also far outshine them in places. Additionally, the darkness of quality and legitimate black metal is thrown on the fire, igniting a special flame that becomes one with truly marvelous hardcore music.

An absolute potent concoction, their 3 track release is available for purchase on a supremely unique and ultra limited cassette scenario where you get either a white or black cassette, all with different covers and each hand numbered in human blood. Yeah, I ordered my copy.

If you're scared of catching some communicable disease or are a little late hitting that order button, you can get the download for free via the band's Bandcamp page. And, to put it plainly - you should.

Depravation - "I​:​PRAEDICTVM"


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