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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iamdeadsmiles58 & James Doesn't Exist - An Evening of Comedy and Tragedy


YOU'RE BOUT TO BE FACE FUCKED! Iamdeadsmiles58 and James Doesn't Exist slap down a mean helping of ass meat (also known as hardcore ass music) for ya'll to slurp up Albert Fish stylee. Primarily digital grindcore with smatterings of breakcore, neo classical strings, a lil bit of hip hop lyricism, butt breakin' bass, and alot more that is beyond my feeble abilities to describe. This is definitely some of the best stuff I've heard from Deadsmiles and some of the most diverse work from James. Comes with a gnar video from Iamdeadsmiles58 (so be patient on the dl time!). PLUS this is a Torn Flesh release. Can't go wrong with Torn Flesh!



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