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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doth - "Datura Wrightii"

When you think of black metal, you usually think of corpse paint and snow for a visual representation, thanks in no small part to the Norwegian regions & beyond who have kicked out so much trve cvlt black metal over the years. I can't speak for corpse paint or a lack thereof on this one, but there is certainly no snow. Neither corpse paint nor snow make a difference, though, when it comes to Doth.

Hailing from the Sonoran desert here in the good old state of Arizona, this is a free 2 track release originally available in a short play cassette single format. Long since sold out, it's now available from the svper awesome Tagobella label which, despite sounding terribly close to your best tasting worst fast food mistake, happens to have a ton of other great material available for free in a digital format or cheap in hard copy. Tagobella has already been featured here and will likely appear again. So get to know the label and some of the realms they operate in, sooner rather than later, because I think you'll have some serious catching up to do if you don't get busy right now.

This release from Doth is two tracks of trve desert black metal. The kind of stuff that would make a perfect soundtrack to a truly gruesome desert  murder scene in some twisted B horror flick that you can't help but love. This stuff is raw and borderline psychedelic, ritualistic in execution. Marvelous black metal. From a desert.

Doth - "Datura Wrightii"


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