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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Antlers - Discography

I have seen the Black Antlers name around a few of my regular online black metal haunts but never managed to take the time to give them a listen, despite having one of the coolest names in that whole scene. The Torn Flesh Records crew dropped some Black Antlers material last night, so that sealed the deal - I simply had to check them out. Glad I did.

Torn Flesh has co-released the bands first two demos, both free from the band and Torn Flesh alike. Black Antlers is painfully minimal ritualistic dark occult ambient noise and raw as fuck cavernous black metal. Not easily digestible for those not already into such sounds, perhaps not even so for those seasoned listeners out there. But if you're even marginally into such things, you'd be doing yourself an awful disservice not even attempting to understand these releases. This is darkness as sound.

Black Antlers - "Demo I"
Black Antlers - "Demo II"


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