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Saturday, November 10, 2012

M-81 - "Astral Pilgrimage"

So this is M-81, a 16 year old kid from the Syrian Arab Republic, reppin' its capital of Damascus to the fullest. What we have here is a one man cosmic black drone project that is, to be honest, absolutely fucking brilliant. This is as simultaneously heavy and vacuous as you can get. It is punishing in the same style that all truly crushing metal music is supposed to be, but it pulls it's strength from - essentially - all of the exact opposite places most metal music does. This is a sort of negative space pummeling. The percussion of is off center and deliberately sparse, guitar feedback and synthesized noise swirl and create a massive sonic vortex, some brass is layered in there at places, and perfect sampling rounds out the deal. Just. As mentioned - fucking brilliant, really.


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