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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tooth_eye - "Blood Is An Open Cage"

Magicore partner in crime tooth_eye just had a sick new release drop on NKS. Still dwelling well within the realms of noise, as has been his more recent habit, there's a great fucking champion style return to breakcore and similar sounds with this one. "Blood Is An Open Cage" is a handful of tooth_eye originals along side a bunch of remixes from tooth_eye homies and Magicore favorites.

Speedcore, speedbass, hardcore, gabber, breakcore, junglecore, jungle, drum'n'bass, drum'n'noise, ambient, noise, experimental. If any of those words are registering on your radar, you need to get to downloading this motherfucker straightaway.

tooth_eye - "Blood Is An Open Cage"


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