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Thursday, March 21, 2013

z999 - Distorted By Design


The cover art for z999's "Distorted By Design", when considered, is a very straight forward message as to what you can expect to find inside. Classical music taken to broken and distorted places. The intro itself lets you know whats up immediately. Distorted, clipped rhythmics laced with pretty strings. Of the four songs provided in "Distorted By Design", there is rarely a moment where you do not hear stirring strings or complacent piano. As far as the breaks, to some the most important part of Breakcore music, they contain superb edits and thoughtful arrangement. The final song, "Monkeyballs", makes me wonder if this is what it would sound like if Ove-naxx did classicore. A fine release. The only problem i find is that it is too short. I want more!



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