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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Light Bearer - "Silver Tongue"

If you're a fan of post-metal and post-hardcore, even if not a fan of those genre terms, then Light Bearer's new one entitled "Silver Tongue" should absolutely not be slept upon. Plain and simple. Huge walls of guitar and coarse vocals with a nice and varied backbone of drums, bass, and atmosphere. All executed superbly. From front to back, beginning to end, "Silver Tongue" tells a story successfully and expertly, as you would expect from this description of the band:

all encompassing DIY art, music and narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist Alex, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullman’s "His Dark Materials" trilogy, John Milton’s "Paradise Lost", and the Book of Genesis.

With defined intros, segue ways, and outros, "Silver Tongue" is a heavy soundtrack to some more refined
creative outlets among the metal masses. Truly something to be experience from front to back in one sitting.

Light Bearer - "Silver Tongue"


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