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Sunday, June 9, 2013

V/A - Brokecore Forever

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A fun romp through the extended Brokecore family. A Family that has been split up and gone through rough times, but has finally come back together in a tender embrace. The last Brokecore compilation was nigh on 7 years ago. The label has been pretty much on indefinite hiatus since. Now its back with a vengeance! 38 tracks of br00t41 nast'. Relative newcomer Mherdad kicks things off with a pretty straight forward breakcore banger, filled to the brim with breaks, edits, and gabber kicks. The following track by another newcomer, Freebase Frenzy, sounds as though Stuntrock himself (circa '00) took possession and kicked out the jams with his track "Mr Austin Tends To Get A Little Cranky If He Doesn't Get A Beer By Noon". The intensity never lets up. Whether its top notch noise blasts from the likes of Michigan's RedSK or evil chiptune anthems from Pittsburgh's very own Bit Mummy, you will not be disappointed. Evil Robot Ted, Brokecore's owner, known for his harsh digi noise pieces and broken breakbeat montages brings the finest, cleanest piece of Jungle/Drum n Bass I've ever heard from him. Ditching the standard noise pads for phasing melodies reminiscent of the raving early 90s and backing it up with varied, well edited amens provides a quite enjoyable listening experience. The track order is superb, songs often mixing very well into the following track. Evil Robot Ted's track runs perfectly into the mellow I DO NOT LOVE.'s "Come Back", subdued vocals harkening back to Joy Divisions haunting vocalist Ian Curtis coupled with a pretty electronic melody that slowly washes away in a sea of reverb and echo along with the rest of the song, a deep dark well of doomed synth pop. While there are many new names to the Brokecore roster introduced on this compilation, that doesn't mean there aren't a few old favorites in the mix either. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, DJ Scratchin', and Helium Ointment all lend their talents. A joy to listen to, an honor to have had the opportunity to participate. Brokecore FOREVER!



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