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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wyrm - "Paramount"

Wyrm - "Paramount"

Here's another incredible one man band operating in the supposed black metal realm. Only this time, it's more ritualistic, more outer space, more psychedelic, more droning. But, fuck, it's good. While not quite as prolific as my hero for such relevant things, Gnaw Their Tongues etc, I think Wyrm is going to quickly be one to watch in that regard - incredible out there music and with frequent releases. Wyrm's already got seven on his Bandcamp, along with this one on the incredible Drowning netlabel. Decidedly more ambient and less aggressive than Mories with Gnaw Their Tongues, I can hear Mories with his Seriom project here in places - definitely that kind of vibe.. Anyhow, sorry to always compare things to Mories or Gnaw Their Tongues; but if I am using that comparison it's because the material being compared is quite good. And this definitely is.


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