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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hexis - "XI"

Hexis appeared on a 3 way split I posted a while back and took the blue ribbon for best tunes on the split, despite subpar production value. With this one, however, they've upped the ante. Taking the foundation of their efforts on that split and turning it up a notch, both in terms of pure brutality and aggression as well as proper production value, this is a fucking monster.

Released less than a week after the split I mentioned above and previously posted, and at the same time as another release from them entitled "X", "XI" is a no holds barred monolith of blackened post grind. Huge riffs all over the place, blazing fast super technical drums that give way to half time backbeats, both a well executed growl and scream for vocals, heavy on the low ends - it's pretty much perfect. When the 7th track of this one is over, I thoroughly and completely want more. Good thing they released "X" as well and that I've never heard it, about to go download that and get some more of my Hexis fix right now.

Hexis - "X" & "XI"


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