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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IAYD - LIVE @ STUDIO B (06​.​09​.​2012)

IAYD Live 6/9/12 @ Studio B in Corpus Christi TX

So, here it is; the absolutely raw recordings of one of the last IAYD sets at Studio B in Corpus Christi, TX, the summer of 2k12. Hands down, this set is one of the most emotional sets I've ever played (I'm going to miss Studio B a whole lot), as well as one of the most chaotic and absolutely insane crowds I've ever had the pleasure of playing for; and the amount of times I become unplugged reflects that in the recordings. 
Personal highlights from the show include: 8 bottles of champagne popped during the set endless high hives/hugs/sentimental people endless cart corruption three buttons off of my shirt getting ripped off my table collapsing from bassweight/crowdweight 

the rest you'll have to discover for yourself. 
I just really hope you enjoy it. 
(those who choose to donate will receive the raw video footage of the set, as well as the raw GB recordings of the full tracks, [City of Mediocrity, Get Death, and etc.])



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