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Friday, February 1, 2013

Jungbluth - "S/T Tape"

It's not in my nature to lie to the people about the music, so I'm not gonna start now. How I happened upon this release, I have no clue. What happens is, I spend about one night a week just downloading a shit ton of music from numerous and various sources, then I spend the following week (attempting to) going through it when I've time. This has left me with a HUGE (and ever increasing) folder of new music and an impossible way to discern where I got what from. So, when I cue something up, I give it a few minutes and either continue listening because I dig it or shitcan it because I don't. If I dig it, I go looking for more info to see if I can buy it, if I can post it, and in both cases I look for as much information about the artist and release as possible. Fun life, eh? And that's just what I do with my free time.

Anyhow, Jungbluth's self titled tape was something I happened upon and from about 3 seconds in knew that I was gonna love. I was right. When I went looking for info on these guys, I read a lot of reference to "screamo" as a genre - a genre that I 99.9% of the time cannot stand. Give it up for Jungbluth being part of the .01%! But, as you might expect from myself and Magicore, it's never that black and white. Jungbluth craft a ridiculous blend of, as mentioned, "screamo", but it is far beyond that. Oldschool punk rock, screamo, post/progressive metal tendencies, hardcore, and much more are all swirling in this sonic maelstrom - and this self title tape is hugely enjoyable and recommended if even a small fraction of anything mentioned thusfar is something you're even remotely into, guaranteed.

So. Go get a tape if you can. If not, definitely get a download.


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