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Monday, February 4, 2013

Vulgar Disease - "Gangland"

So, you guys are all listening to the Torn Flesh Records netlabel by now, right? I mean, you definitely should be, for how much we talk about it here on Magicore. If not, let's add another specific and tasty little morsel to the platter.

Vulgar Disease are an unparalleled noise act whom happen to get some love from one of the coolest netlabels around, so I mean, it's a win/win circle jerk in the pits of hell or some shit, ya know? This one, entitled "Gangland", is some oppressive and dense ambient noise laced with blackened occult tendencies. Just punishing and uncompromising, even at its most subdued and seemingly mellow moments. A lot of people want to throw around the term "harsh noise" in reference to Vulgar Disease, but when I think harsh noise I think of high pitched squelches and squeals and - usually - haphazard noise creation. What Vulgar Disease does is something vastly superior to turning everything on and up and then seeing where the sonic crumbs fall. This is a ritualistic experience of sound, not to be taken lightly.

Vulgar Disease - "Gangland"


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