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Thursday, February 20, 2014

disrupt - Samurai Showdown/Last Blade (JAHTARI net 7" series)

JAHTARI is an interesting label. For one, they release 8-bit/chip style reggae, dub, dancehall, etc. They also do what they call net 7 inches, releases set up to be much like a physical 7", even going as far as to include the sound of the needle hitting wax and looping before and after the music. Disrupt's net 7" is superb. Taking vibe and imagery from the awesome classic 2D fighter "Samurai Showdown" and slapping a smokey skank on it. Disrupt also draws inspiration from classic Japanese characters such as Zatoichi (get the full run down on all the dopeness that inspired this album from the link below). Its been raining alot here today in Chicago and the stoney groove of "Samurai Showdown" and "Last Blade" mix perfectly with the calming pitter patter of the foggy wetness outside. Japanese wind instruments mixed with classic reggae guitar licks made a perfect accompaniment to a hazey chill out session. Careful while listening and playing the releases namesake.... these are jams for after the battles done.



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