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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kamikaze Deadboy - Thanatophobia

This 5-track valentine's day record release by UK auteur Kamikaze Deadboy is lush with vibe. Straightforward and fun, this melded-genre record really connected with me from second one. It feels instantly classic, like it's been in your library for years- and brings you a delightful mix of film-score instrumental sounds, battle record tier samples, glitchy melody bits and a smattering of head-nodding hip-hop/triphop esque beats. The percussion is just perfectly understated, complementing the melodic aspects- and the vibes are just non-stop; holy shit- just so wonderfully bouncy and groovy. I dare you to listen to it just once- and then tell me about it so I can ridicule you to anyone who will listen.

It's a really pleasant ill-scape journey through the mind of Kamikaze Db, skipping out on the pretentious wankery a lot of artists like to put into their work- the record doesn't need to tell you it's deep- it just delivers you a quick, full listen that begs you to download it and play it on loop. I can't get enough.

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