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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hexis / As We Draw / Euglena - split

This is an interesting release. It's like, from the moment you push play it is a steady march toward awesome. As We Draw start off this split on some screamo type shit I'm not particularly fond of that, despite that, manages to not fail terribly. Holding true, their second effort on this one is better than their first. Euglena are sandwiched in the middle operating on some post-metal and sludge wavelengths and bring 3 tracks of, again, increasing radness perfect for that stoned evening in front of your speakers - each track better than the previous. The treat here, ironically or not, is the last two tracks from Hexis, which are the least well produced in terms of the physics of production but which still manage to come correct with the icing on the cake role - awesome closing tunes to this split release available on vinyl for 10 Euros or name your price (with no minimum) digital download.

Hexis / As We Draw / Euglena - split


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