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Saturday, May 19, 2012

December Apparition - "Sea Crypt"

Staten Island, NY isn't the first place that comes to mind when thinking of ambient/black/post metal varieties. The act calling itself December Apparition, though, proves that location isn't everything and that brilliance in any genre of music can be found well outside the geographic location most associated with it. Strange, too, for the metal scene, is the lack of an entry on the ever incredible Encyclopaedia Metallum Metal Archives website - but you won't find one there for this band.

5 tracks of brief yet haunting sort of ambient post black metal for free on their Bandcamp page is all you get, beside a Myspace page that looks to not have been updated in over a year and which shows the band only having 18 friends. Kind of fitting, really, I suppose. These short insights into the mind(s) behind December Apparition are a solid outing, though, and absolutely essential for those long haired smokers who like shit spacious yet heavy, fuzzy yet melodic, hidden yet accessible.

December Apparition - "Sea Crypt"


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