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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vinter - "My Path To Depression"

Solid depressive black metal demo from Mexico. Say what you want about depressive black metal; like any genre of music, there's something to be found in it that I enjoy. This one from Vinter is something from the depressive black metal genre that I found and enjoy. Proper melody and atmosphere from slightly fuzzed guitars that sound like they were mic'd on a 9 volt battery powered amp, lo-fi drums (might even be from a cheap drum machine, I don't know for certain), extended and expansive cave like growls and groans for vocals. It's all there for the right making of a depressive black metal demo worth your time to listen to. Limited to only 33 hand numbered CDRs, you're not gonna get your claws on a physical copy of this.

Vinter - "My Path To Depression"


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