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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Law Of The Tongue - "Law Of The Tongue"

Hittin' you again with some more Torn Flesh Records material! Seriously, they've got so much great stuff, making it hard to keep up and decide what to share - also keepin' me from checkin' out metal material that's not on their label, ha!

This time around it's the self titled mammoth that is Law Of The Tongue with some six ton unapologetic stoner & doom varieties of truly rockin' heavy fuckin' metal. Toss in some southern/sludge tendencies and you're good to go with this one. Riffage layered upon riffage covered in bluesy jazzy metal drums topped off with a perfect growl and alternating scream vocal delivery. Sick cover art and brutal name, once more from the Torn Flesh camp. Heavy.

Law Of The Tongue - "Law Of The Tongue"


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