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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

V/A - "Sampled"

New Weird Australia has been featured a couple of times on Grindthieves, and for good reason. A sort of scholastic approach to sharing, creating, and pushing experimental music and art of all varieties, New Weird Australia manages to consistently deliver some really remarkable output that has its roots firmly in Australia's soil. While I can't say that I'm into everything they have released, it's safe to say I've been into most of it and that all of it really is spectacular for what it is.

With this compilation, simply titled "Sampled", New Weird Australia brings a sampling of material previously released on their New Editions imprint along with some rare/unreleased material from artists in their camp. It's a varied and wonderful listen of sounds covering a wide range of ideas, styles, and moods. Sonic experimentation at it's finest, both in creation and in experiencing.


V/A - "Sampled"


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