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Friday, June 15, 2012

Embers - Shadows

Photobucket Yet another release from Torn Flesh Records. Yet again, its fantastic.

From the review on Valley of Steel:

"One of the main distinctions concerns Jerry Buchanan‘s drum parts. Whereas black metal is normally characterized by sterile, mechanical-sounding drumming — non-stop blastbeats drenched in reverb and oversaturated with the piercing clash of trebly cymbals ringing — what we have here feels quite free and organic. While reverb is still used here, it seems to be for a totally different purpose: instead of creating a feeling of extreme solitude, smothering in its expansiveness, the tone I am getting is one of openness, where the sounds are all given ample room to breathe. Likewise, the playing style seems free and loose — while still fitting perfectly into the context of a metal band, the feeling it gives me is sometimes closer to, say, John Bonham‘s jazzy explorations across the drum kit, than the incessant driving, pounding noise inherent in many black metal recordings."



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