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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Honorable Worm - THE ROYAL ROAD

Just over a year has passed since Chad Marine (recording as The Honorable Worm since 1997) released his drone-folk odyssey 'Consider the bees.' but it may as well have been a lifetime ago. Since then, he and his wife have (in addition to getting married) walked the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain, relocated from Virginia to Oregon, and wandered the narrow streets of Old Jerusalem—all with camera and recorder in hand. They call it their “year of pilgrimage.” It is only natural, then, that the new Honorable Worm album, 'The Royal Road,' should be a work of overcoming distances: distances in space, time, and spirit. The song cycle may look short on paper, but the ground covered is vast and ever-changing. In keeping with the nature of travel, the music here is joined not so much by a common “sound” (genres touched upon include psychedelic, folk, lo-fi, ambient, avant-pop, field recordings, etc.) as by the simple fact that they are all stops along the same road, the Royal Road!


-Johan Ess-

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