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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mystification - "Mystification"

I heard a little Mystification in the latter 90s somewhere, probably at this little hole in the wall record store by where I grew up, I don't recall for certain though. I dug it quite a bit. They basically didn't do a whole lot besides a couple demos in the early 90s, from what I can tell. Which is too bad, because as far as a good dose of straight up heavy fuckin' uncut god damned doom metal, it really doesn't get a whole lot better. No bullshit, no meandering, no posturing, just upfront doom like it's meant to be done.

Now, in 2012, some 20 years, give or take, since they came about and then fizzled away, the ever incredible  Torn Flesh Records netlabel, often featured here on Magicore, delivers a fat slab of Mystification that's otherwise unpublished. So, throw up the horns and down load the shit!

Mystification - "Mystification"


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