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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[CUNTROLL060] V.A. – Cuntrollogy


"The duration of the collection just one hour, but during that time you currently feeling on a bright energy breakcore music. All tracks compiled together one theme – atmospheric or orchestral sound combined with the broken rhythms of breakcore music. Compilation «Cuntrollogy» – it’s 14 tracks to wake up, to be different in your mood, in order to bask in the winter and fun in the summer." - Cuntroll Records

Very Honored to be included on this release. Talent from around the world compiled by Paradeigma, owner of Cuntroll Records and a breakcore maestro himself. Every Cuntroll compilation I have listened to and been a part has always contained top notch break music. Cuntrollogy does not dissapoint. My personal favorite so far is Sonic Deadhorse's (Taiwan) "5 Step to Exhaust Myself". Its like breakcore mixed with shredding almost Shoegaze guitars, organic bass and drums. Reverb and delay laden guitars over glitched melodic sound design. Sonic Deadhorse is followed by a Gypsycore number from I8bit jammed full of metal riffs, double kicks, amen licks, and accordion shtick. Awesome.



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