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Friday, January 4, 2013

Skinned Christ - "Lucifer"

Aside from this band's logo, which fucking rules, the music is pretty gnarly too. Mostly black metal, I have to mention I almost find it hard to believe it's not a one man black metal band. But, it says it's not, so I have to believe that I guess. The drums, especially, are throwing me off here, as most of the time they sound like a pretty cheap drum sampler running at top speed. There are some moments when there's a bit of real ingenuity in their programming/performance, but even the fact that they sound like I described them is not a downfall. The vocals are usually a pretty well executed black metal screech, but layered in there now and again are some really fucking killer guttural death metal growls. The guitars are probably the weakest aspect to the release, generally just not tuned right and run through the kinds of effects & distortion I usually prefer in this type of musical outing - but together, the whole thing works. Especially if you're typically into one man digital grind/black metal bands. Check it out, it's free & you need to worship Satan tonight. Friday night black metal ritual, fuckers.

Skinned Christ - "Lucifer"


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