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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ringe Raja Records

I've been quite into all the wacky breakcore mashup mayhem going on over at Ringe Raja Records netlabel in Berlin for quite some time now since their first couple releases in white label mp3 format. Since then, they've put out killer tracks by sick producers like Fexomat, Wan Bushi, Randomatik Blast, and Batard Tronique to name just a few!

Make no mistake. These guys are freakin' serious about pumping out the most absurd, spazzy, gypsy insanity bangers this side of the galaxy! tooth_eye posted one of their releases on our blog in the past, but we haven't been keeping up enough since then. As a matter of fact, I just noticed a new one I hadn't even downloaded until now. So for your perusal and enjoyment here are links to all 19 of their current releases, as follows...

Ringe Raja Records 001
[RRR001-A] Fexomat & Sickhead - Juriii
[RRR001-AA] Fexomat - Moldavia Moshpit

Ringe Raja Records 002
[RRR002-A] Fexomat - Hey Hey
[RRR002-AA] Fexomat + Sumone - Boozed up Gypsy

Ringe Raja Records 003
[RRR003-A] Wan Bushi - Helmut Lotti & The Russian Dubcore Band
[RRR003-AA] Drakh - Triti Puti

Ringe Raja Records 004
[RRR004-A] Fexomat & Dub Rogers - Bella Ciao RMX
[RRR004-AA] sbeats - The Greek

Ringe Raja Records 005
[RRR005-A] sbeats - Hora
[RRR005-AA ]Randomatik Blast - Carpet Breaker (Balkan Frenchcore remix)

Ringe Raja Records 006
[RRR006-A] Al Jawala - Heymischer Bulga (Bukez Finezt Remix)
[RRR006-AA] Tribalgrooves - Puliogare

Ringe Raja Records 007
[RRR007-A] Sum_-_Rouan
[RRR007-AA] Tribalgrooves - Masmoudi

Ringe Raja Records 008
[RRR008_A] DJ Anarxx - You're Still Nini
[RRR008_AA] DJ Anarxx - Parta

Ringe Raja Records 009
[RRR009_A] Batard Tronique - hej ljuba javi mi se
[RRR009_AA] Batard Tronique - raggamuffin sestra

Ringe Raja Records 010
[RRR010 A] Jahba - Breakdown @ the Big-top
[RRR010 AA] Scamp - Mechanical Temples

Ringe Raja Records 011
[RRR011-A] Fexomat - Gypsy Goodies
[RRR011-AA] Fexomat - Gypsy Goodies [instrumental]

Ringe Raja Records 012
[RRR012-A] La Cherga - Godzilla
[RRR012-AA] Massl - Tu Cafe RMX

Ringe Raja Records 013
[RRR013-A] Maraki - Bela
[RRR013-AA] Biskits - Gypsyface

Ringe Raja Records 014
[RRR014 A] Dada Cat - Magick People
[RRR014 AA] Dada Cat - Born To Be Wild

Ringe Raja Records 015
[RRR015-A] e-coli - Amen Gypsy
[RRR015-AA] e-coli - De Naie Chuppe

Ringe Raja Records 016
[RRR016-A] Stantekk - Rabbi Jacob
[RRR016-AA] Stantekk - Rabbi Jacob (Wan Bushi Rave Remix)

Ringe Raja Records 017
[RRR017 A] Sum - Drunken Gypsy
[RRR017 AA] Sum - Lownay Partján

Ringe Raja Records 018
[RRR018-A] Bear 808 and the silly tang - Goulash
[RRR018-AA] JPRixdorfer - Amin Tigan

Ringe Raja Records 019
[RRR019-A] Kamil Jasmin - Na tu svatbu (Bullwah remix)
[RRR019-AA] Les Inedits Tziganes - Gankino Horo (Bullwah remix)

To check for any subsequent releases, just click here for their full Internet Archive catalog.

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