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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vuyvr - "Eiskalt"

Why is Throatruiner one of the coolest labels around right now? Well, aside from releasing some of the most uncompromising varieties of metal music, it is their general ethics regarding music in general - as evidenced by the document entitled FUCK LARS ULRICH that you get when downloading any of their releases for free, which reads:

Thanks for your download, we hope you'll enjoy this record as much as we did! Most of our records are on free download because music should live without boundaries. But don't forget that we'll always need your help to continue releasing records we love on vinyl!
Thanks for caring, and sorry for your ears!
One of their handful of new releases is this incredible effort from Vuyvr. Featuring members of Rorcal, poised to unleash their own album of unholy metal awesomeness the end of February, Knut, and other respectable bands, Vuyvr hail from Switzerland and deliver a variety of hardcore and black metal that could not be more perfectly married. Borrowing heavily from all the finer points of each genre and then amping up the concoction 666 times, "Eiskalt" is a powerhouse of aggressive metallic wonder that you would be foolish to pass over.

You can get this and most the other Throatruiner releases for free in digital format here.

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