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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Avs_Silvester - Funny Zombie Stories


Russain Psych-Rock zombie concept album. Do I really need to say more?



  1. Thanks!
    Sorry for my english, this is my quick translation of second track:

    Pick up a minigun
    Be brave and smart,
    Adding the holes
    in the heads of zombies

    I will distribute in hole
    Each zombie carefully
    Kind to someone
    Twice I have!

    Rise up, you bastards children
    In the place!
    Keep track of each
    is not possible

    That ammunition is running out -
    Everyone can hear.
    In torn flesh to die
    All I see ...

    In anticipation of this
    I clenched teeth
    And I am not at all enough

  2. Kiss me, I'm not a zombie.
    Give me a kiss on the cheek at least.
    I'm not rotting, even though our business is bad,
    I came to you for half a day.

    Kiss me, and I get out
    Out of this hole, piled high with meat.
    Do not be afraid, that damned virus
    Not penetrate into your genes.

    Kiss me passionately and tenderly
    While the human race alive,
    And our love bird vernal
    Sing over the cursed ground.