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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six Dead Horses - "Horn, Tusk, Antler"

Look at that fucking bad ass. He's bad ass. So is this music. Somewhere in the realms of doom metal and sludge, Six Dead Horses hold court. Waving a battle ax to end all battle axes, Six Dead Horses swing their heavy weapon and lob heads into piles on the daily, son. Large atmosphere and huge riffs, all at once cavernous and swampy. With a name like "Horn, Tusk, Antler", you know you're about to get your metallic guts gorged clean from your body with the first listen. Featured on the ever awesome Lurker's Path blog, you basically suck if you don't check this one out.

Six Dead Horses - "Horn, Tusk, Antler"

- dckr

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