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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ossarium - "Soul Eclipse"

This is Ossarium, a one man black metal band crafted by a person calling himself Lord Chaos Mysterii. Quite the moniker. This is his demo as Ossarium, the only release under that name from him. He spearheaded another one man black metal band called Mysteries which had a single release that is also no longer functioning and he's still in the active Putrid Flesh black metal act (who, incidentally, have the most far out corpse paint in the game, truly innovating the black metal world, ohno!), doing most of the work himself there, too. I've heard none of the material aside from this 11 year old demo entitled "Soul Eclipse".

The production value on this release is abysmal, at best. But it's so perfect. This is a truly underground and cult as fuck release for black metal. Odd timing in it's appearance on my shuffle list today, as I spent the afternoon watching a really crappy rip of the "Until The Light Takes Us" black metal documentary. This release has that whole uber depraved menacing vibe to it, this guy would probably burn churches and murder people.

Turn it up real loud in a dark and cold room.

Ossarium - "Soul Eclipse"


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