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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Circle Of Ouroborus - "Armon Keitaalla"

Some Finnish black metal originally released on a 3 cassette pack limited to 100 copies. There's talk of this eventually getting released on deluxe vinyl, we'll see if/when that happens. In the meantime, Circle Of Ouroborus seem to be fine sharing this about the internet and alright with others doing the same.

In it's 14 some odd tracks, it manages to keep any fan of black metal engaged from beginning to end, sometimes offering up slamming romps through almost punk tinged dungeon black metal all the way up through some sort of so-called "black gaze" with it's melding of true black metal stylings and some more sort of shoegaze varieties. I've listened to a handful of previous Circle Of Ouroborus efforts and this is, by far, their best outing. I dare say some previous efforts should be entirely overlooked and ignored. Not this one, though. Everything you're looking for when considering a sort of all encompassing conceptual black metal release.

Circle Of Ouroborus - "Armon Keitaalla"


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