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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tooth_eye vs t.rans a.tlantic r.age split


tooth_eye and Trans Atlantic Rage aka Jared Balogh (owner of the label Altered States Reflections) bring you a unique blend of noise experimentations to chew on, and hopefully digest without distress (too much distress that is). Each artist brings 2 original tracks and 2 remixes of the other artist. tooth_eye's material is reminiscent of his later Wave Rape offerings, glitchy, noisy, and at times melodic, re-workings of pop and j-rock as well as his fanciful interpretations of anime background audio. Trans Atlantic Rage brings very entrancing rhythmic beatnik noise voyages accompanied by a bard of the improvisational accidental guitar guild. T.A.R also has some very interesting remixes of tooth_eye's breakcore work and early Wave Rape material. Originally a 5" CD release through Trashfuck Records, now brought to you for free by the same fine label.



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