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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Мишка - Guide to Grave Wave (3 Disc Compilation & Feature Article)

This is really cool! An article about the culture of "grave wave" and a 3 disc compilation.

1. Grave Wave |grāv-wāv| noun:
A term used to describe the recent musical upswing of all things dark and deathly. Encompasses witch house, post punk, neofolk, EBM, death rock, goth, electro, 80s revivalists, batcave purists, et al. Frequently accompanied by a strong graphic aesthetic: symbols, videos, visual and performance art. Sometimes creeps into the mainstream (see: Cold Cave, The Horrors). Sometimes remains purposefully under-underground (see: twYlY< ght >ZoNe).

From Mishka.



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